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FIlm Juxtapositioning

So what do you think as a double feature:

Groundhog Day
50 First Dates

hrmn. 🙂

Many people (because for some reason I surround myself in pedants) often catch spelling errors I forget to check for. Worse when the misspelling is an okay spelling of the wrong word.

I’d like to point out my two pet peeves of the week:
Apparently: This word has too many “P”s.

This word is not pronounced ap-parently. It’s uh-par-uhnt-li. I can’t even find an etymology that suggests this would be the best way to spell it.

Asinine: This word does not have enough “S”s.

Let’s start again with the pronunciation:
as (hissing s not z) – ih – nine.

I see ‘as’ and I want to pronounce it “Az”…
If I pronounce something with a hissing s… I’m pretty sure most people know how they’d spell that.

And for good measure… we already have established precedence that it’s okay to arbitrarily double the first consonant after a vowel in indeterminate etymology.

So bottom line. Aparently it is assanine to correct Andrei’s spelling errors all the time. Sometime’s (sic) he’s thought through logical answers to the question, “How do you spell that word that only English geeks know.”

(note: I am talking to utility companies that didn’t actually turn off my old utilities when they set me up with new utilities… Yes. I’m punchy)

6 Apart and LiVEJOURNAL (I hate the capitalization from the logo) announced new child safe policies and tools for the site.

The full post (and 3800+ and growing comments) can be found in lj_biz

New functionality opens up a big can of “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” these factors once again feed into an innate problem of LJ.

opinions, analysis, and so forth…

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