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Happy 14th month, aiden_freeman

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A DST Story

Many, many, many years ago…

I was a professional DJ. I’d say I paid my way thru college but to be honest… we’re talking minimum wage and part time hours.

It was enjoyable. I pulled several stunts. One favourite got me temporarily fired by the Station Manager. Now to be honest… this pr*#k was looking for any reason to fire me… because he was sleeping with a 20 yr old girl that he wanted to give my job to. None-the-less this was a temporary firing because I had the Asst. SM’s permission while the SM was out of town.

It was DST overnight. My 7 hour shift. Midnight – 6 am. I took requests from midnight to 2am. Any request we’d not only play… but when the clocks turned at 2:59 to 2:00 am … we’d play the whole hour again. Breaking only for updates in news and weather. Which overnight… really only changed insofar as the temperature.

So I played an hour of requests… recording my hour… and after an hour… I played it back. The listeners were amused. The Station Manager… not so much. He demanded that the ASM fire me. The ASM told him that he’d blessed the stunt and wasn’t about to fire me.

A few months later the bas&%#d would frame me for theft and I’d be quietly released. Four months later he tried the stunt on another DJ and got caught. I got my job back with a raise at the cost of his… (and promising not to sue)… but by then.. the light of Top-40 professional radio… just didn’t burn as brightly.

I am reminded of this.. partially because dear faerievixen2 wished me a happy DST tonight. (REMEMBER… NOT ALL YOUR CLOCKS HAVE COMPUTERS THAT UNDERSTAND THE NEW DATES!!!!)

But also because I’ve managed to unpack something that I didn’t unpack in Sno’mish. And let me tell you… Vinyl in good condition can still sound better than anything you might buy on iTunes or Amazon’s download service.

When princekermit gets back.. I have a certain London cast album to play for him 😉