Well, okay. Jan 1st through Feb 1st

We have two events where we’re planning TV nights in front of the big Hi-Def centrepiece of our our living room.

On January 20th… “Yes, I won’t… be going to D.C.” But we will be bringing D.C. to our house. Realising that the footage I watched in November looked like, “Washington, NYC, Kenya, Coriscant…” that we need to continue the celebration that evening. So the house will be open to share and watch MORE NEWS COVERAGE.

This of course can be very serious. So there must be mindless violent balance.

So! February 1st… Come join us as we root the Steelers as they become the first team to win 6 Superbowls. Anyone who feels the need to point out that the Steelers haven’t even played in the playoffs yet have obviously missed the point 😉 We are a Steelers house, but we’re also a fair football house. Meaning we recognize good plays even when they happen against our team. We also actually enjoy rating the commercials.

So… standard drill. Comment if you want to come. Pot luck welcome (moreso on Superbowl Sunday) but not necessary. An hour of reduced noise requested during toddler bed time.

Looking forwards to seeing folks.

Back into my cave of seeming to be anti-social.

Oh, yeah. Go read my blog.

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